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This site is rich in content and features to help keep you informed. In order to utilize these offerings, you need to have the right tools for your computer and your Web browser. Take a look at the list of recommended technology and see if your system is ready. If not, please take advantage of the links we are providing to help equip your computer. All of the downloads are free of charge.

When you click on any of the links, a pop-up browser will open and take you to the selected Web page. Just follow the instructions as they are provided. After you have completed the download, you can exit the pop-up browser and return to this site.

The most important tool is the Web browser.


Recommended Technology - Browsers:  This site is best experienced using Internet Explorer, the only browser that is officially supported by BMW NA. Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 10.0 or greater, with IE 11 being recommended. IMPORTANT NOTE: In IE browser version over 9.0, please put CenterNet in the "Compatibility View settings" - an option found in your IE browser's Tool options.

Important IE6 and above setting note: Click here to review a PDF file with browser setting information essential for optimum site access.

Important and required browser setting: Please add * and * to your browser's "Local intranet" sites by taking the following steps using your browser menu options: Tools/Internet Options/Security tab/Click the Local intranet icon/Click the Sites button/Click the Advanced button/Then add * and * in the "Add this web site to the zone" field. Click here for a PDF file that exhibits the steps required.

Recommended Technology - Plug-ins
Java Virtual Machine
      Note: This download is no longer required for the new CenterNet Menu launched in 7/09.
      However, in order to utilize the Menu applets on the DCSnet site, the Java virtual machine
      component must be enabled in your browser. Look in the browser menu under the Tools/Internet
      Options/Advanced tab to ensure the Java and JIT compiler checkboxes are checked.
Macromedia Shockwave & Flash Player, latest version recommended
Microsoft Windows Media Player version 10.0 or greater
Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.0 or greater

Recommended Technology - Monitor Resolution
This site is designed for a minimum monitor resolution of 1024 x 768. The monitor resolution of 800 x 600 is only nominally supported.